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pecadodeadan in hydeology

I hope this is okay -MEGUMI- -Queastion- - Always looking-

I hope this is okay, really. This really is ontop but some may see this is fan made? I'm not sure.

1. I'm looking for a Megumi muse (I know this is no RP advertisment place but a place filled with wonderful and loving fans ) that would love to play with a Hyde. Personal, in a community, anything. I just thought this would be the best place to ask since so many fans of Hyde is here (And we love Megumi <3 ne?)

2. I heard rumors about that Megumi and Hyde got another child??


You were sneaky and included something we did allow, so the entry is good. :-) As long as there's no icons, graphics, or fic.

Hmm, I haven't heard anything about another child lately. I think that's a rumor that's been going around for a while, though. Not sure if there's any validity behind it.

As for RPing, I'm a big RPer! I'm totally up for finding a j-rock rp community with open Hyde and Megumi spots. ^^ Plus, I have tons of Megumi pics for icons. ;-D
OOh I'm sneaky ;3

You never know and It's not like I supportthe rumor but it's always nice to ask ~

You are? me too ~ May I contact you? I been looking for a Megumi for a really long time!
Can help you with your second question only.
Well, this rumour is most likely not true due to the fact that is was created by a translation mistake. Japanese newspaper tend to call hyde's son "his eldest" (and foreign fans thought this means he has at least one more child) but this is just a common thing in Japan, to call your first-born the eldest even if there is no other kid around ;)

If I said anything wrong here, please correct me. But I'm pretty sure about everything ^_^

Good luck with your Megumi muse ;)
I was confused with this translation too!!!! XDDDDDDDDD
Good to know ^^ I do know Japanese but I never got to see that artile about it or anything. Wha, wonderful. I would not min him having another child: anything that makes him happy ( there must be something else then curry right?? )

Thank you! I think I might found one thanks to this wondeful com :3
Yeah, I'd say this rumor is false, especially now that I'm hearing that Hyde no longer lives with Megumi.
What? Were did you hear that from?
He's referred in Hydeist Times stuff translated on the ARK BBS about spending New Year's alone. . . and about being alone at other times.
Thank you so much for the translation <3
A bit out of topic, but I read that Megumi-san no longer worked at News Zero. Does someone know what she's doing at the moment ?
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